Hover.live has released the beta of their cloud-based graphics production platform. Now reaching out to beta testers, Hover.live allows users to log into a web-based UI on any desktop or laptop, and control and play out lower thirds, images, tickers, count-downs plus much more.

Hover.live makes it easy to import motion graphics designed in Adobe After Effects. Just export with the Bodymovin plugin. Import the JSON file to Hover.live and you can control colors, text and positions in real-time.

Feature highlights include:

  • Drag and drop graphic elements; customize positions, colors, text and images
  • Simple integration with software and hardware, like OBS Studio and the Atem Mini Pro, using transparency layer, Chroma green or Luma black displays
  • Supports SDI out, with fill and key, using Ultrastudio or Decklincards from Blackmagic Design  
  • Manage multiple live graphics assets adding layers 
  • Add video input and compose PiP with background layer  
  • Add a zoom meeting room and add professional graphics and resize the call
  • Add video for playback

    “There are very often last minute changes in a live production. If you have a lower third video pre-rendered you will have a problem if you can`t re-render that during the show. Hover.live solves this with real-time updating your lower thirds templates on the fly”, shared Erik Olsvik, Co-Founder, Hover.live. “Starting to use the web-based live production tool Hover.live is very cost effective, with less upfront technology, since it’s browerbased.”

Pricing and Availability

Hover.live is currently in beta. When we launch to the public we offer three service tiers.

— Free
— Starter
— Business

The pricing is not set but we want to reach out to one-person live production companies, and smaller teams doing live production once in a while. There are several companies offering graphics assets to live production, but it’s often out of scope for different reasons to smaller crews.

About Hover.live

Built on common web standards and an open architecture, Hover.live aims to reach out to the live production community, and corporations that are just starting out to do live production, and live streaming, due to the Covid-19 situation.

Adding graphics to live production keeps your brand consistency on live production as well. Hover.live is not funded by any company but is  bootstrapped, and the founders Hari Wibowo and Erik Olvik, have been working together with motion graphics and live production since 2001. 

Reach out to us: hello@hover.live